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new cover for arc2 of inhuman, in prep for the printed copy.

pinup art of solla, commander in badass from inhuman. getting her wings cleaned by a multi-segmented insect in the cleaning nest on her home planet which trust me you don't want to hear me talk about for much longer because I WILL GO ON FOR HOURS.

a commission for luraklos@DA of his dragony dude floating around in space.

obviously i had to take it to the next logical step and throw an multi-eyed alien and eye-seering cosmic formation in there. it was fun.
i was drawing bugs from my bug team and zar requested i toss parasect into a few drawings so HERE WE ARE

parasect and durant are both 4x weak to fire attacks - it's a common problem with bug types. parasect can be even more weak vs fire with the ability dry skin. poor parasect :<

zippy the volcarona, dego the durant and callima the parasect.
watch where you're going next time, bunnybird!

commission for luraklos@DA
a commission for luraklos@DA!

a bunch of my aliens gone ZOMBIEEEEEe attacking a bunch of other aliens of mine

for keetah, commissioned by phil, of her awesome alien sheriff annabelle.

errybody loves annabelle the space sheriff
splash art for the next arc of the comic.
for dyingdutchman@DA, les claypool in a lobster suit.
meant to be viewed side by side with this picture. this is the back cover for whenever i finally do a paper version of the last comic arc.

you can see the two next to eachother on my tumblr

for my comic
a commission for dolly (dollmancer@DA, makeshiftstory@FA) of her characters in a fall-like setting~
another of the Team Sleepy Otter commissions for shirou14@FA

this is his otter, and yes that is a TARDIS mug.
for shirou14 from FA, one of the members of his final project team (team Sleepy Otter)

ignacio is the team game arteest. also now a sea otter.
for my friend fivel@FA's boyfriend. i've never drawn warhammer fanart before, but this was pretty freakin fun.
for mulder 101361@ DA :o a fun commission, i enjoy painting pokemon.
for scribbles here on nabyn :o because of course there's pokeball teacups in space, didn't you know?

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