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"I typo-ed my username it should be VivZmind"
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Jack   © 2012 Vivmind
"I don't think that's a good idea!"
Character Information   (ID#2317)
Full Name: Jackson Wells
Nickname: Jack
Species: Jackal
Age: 17
Gender: Male (Bi-Sexual)
Relationship: long distance -sorta (Jillian)
Occupation: Space Museum Tour Guide
Birthplace: Zoo
Residence: Zoo
Western Zodiac: Libra
Forms: Anthro  
Weight unknown
Height: unknown
Body Type: slender
Eye Type: black pupils
Markings: scratches and missing fur patches

extremely paranoid and cautious. Scared of almost everything but good at keeping calm, unless feels threatened. Is incredibly caring and heartfelt. Hopeless romantic. Also exceeedingly accident prone, cursed with bad luck and an inability to die or be killed, but still can feel pain.
Space, stargazing, hanging out with his friends, books about space, watching soap operas, poetry, music.
getting hurt, His family.
Reading, crying, playing drums.
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