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Decided to color my most recent premade.
Nikhil and Shardul again!
Art and Shardul are my own, Nikhil is Tornpaw's.
Ref remake for Nekrossai on FA
art (c)Me
Because they don't get enough art together. uvu <3 These boys.

Art and Shardul is mine, Nikhil is http://narcissist.nabyn.com/ 's!
Older version. :>!
Tattoo commission exemple for codeine (We are doing an art trade!), I wanted to try smooth lines and firealapaca goes super well for this! Inspired by the wonderful Vekke!

Took a bit longer than I expected but i'm happy with the result.
New precious bby that's still a bitchy teen
Not happy at all with the shading
or some aspects of her face...
Main world where izzy spent the majority of his time.
What I assume the middle plane looks like when Issy crosses it.
Israel showin' off that fire magic for the ladies.

I was way too lazy to shade this shit.
This is the first character I ever made with Daz 3D. I do not normally post NSFW things, but uh, yeah, this is NSFW. ^^;
I recreated a friend of mine in Daz3D. Here's the result. ^^; This took 19 hours to render.
I wanted to paint a cat and one of my friends sent me a picture of hers.

I've wanted to be able to draw cats at this level since 6th grade at least and I am so happy I can.
Done for r/redditgetsdrawn
for a buddy of mine using Krita
I took a break from the commission and whoops my hand slipped.

James showing off his scar in a really sexy way. James no. Down.

I made some alterations to his design :/ decided mech on him wasnt a good idea and his hair was too weird. I like this version more.

Hot damn son

Multiple stocks used as reference! All those shitty sketches are paying off
Labeled mature because naked man...?
6 and half hours, Paint Tool SAI. You can watch the entire process on my livestream www.livestream.com/medarskiart (in the first video it begins around 2 hours

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