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Fisrt fast and simple art :)
Fast and simple art of Faramir :)
loulex is my favourite lcs player

even tho hes a jungler and i am support
Hello again :)
I haven't used this account in ages...

You can also find me:

Art and character (C) Annelise Baur / Aiko
Used one of Snowbody's tutorials, ended up looking better than I thought.
made a doodle earlier this week, decided to do more with it but waited until today to post it

original doodle is here if you care to see: https://twitter.com/norveblue/status/547346425588506624
will i ever stop drawin jj who kno

i dunno how i feel bout this one tho it was a challenging facial pose but i wanted to see if i could do it and i kind of did? still some awkward shit to it but i gave up and this' whats left hahaha
the camera just turned on by itself

bisexual french men yaaaaaas
alt title: cross my heart

jj likes to wear lipstick sometimes and he could get away with it in france but he found out americans aint so cool with it
but hes learning
in a bit of a dynamic pose!
art is my own, character is not <3
Art and character (C) Annelise Baur / Aiko
A somewhat kind of old (by three months) self portrait done back in August. My hair is longer now because I am growing it back out, but still not all evenly to my shoulders yet.
Art and character (C) Aiko/Annelise Baur
If I had a wolf form this would most likely be it if I was to be realistic and not scene. I was messing around in PS5 for the past two hours and made this.
Aaaaand Shard in his own lil stuff o:
Thingy of Niki in his 'armor' that bro made 'im. u3u yasyas
Gesture sketch (which was then cleaned up) I did of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I've been in a bit of a block, but doing some gesture drawing reeeeeeeally helped...

Probably it being of a dinosaur also helped, as I've been on bit of a dino kick as I'm taking a paleo class right now~ It's been SUPER fun, and I'm learning a few new things, which is SUPER cool!

Arts by Bell Griffith.
Gesture done in ~45min, including cleaning up.
For doodlezeal/weegee06(FA)~

Speedpaint of her dino char Lizzy, feral, in her natural habitat~

This was a challenge and was really fun too<3

Character belongs to weegee06.
Arts by Bell Griffith.

Nikhil, for Cissy/Tornpaw. <:
Art is my own! &hearts;
Decided to color my most recent premade.
Nikhil and Shardul again!
Art and Shardul are my own, Nikhil is Tornpaw's.

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