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This is the first character I ever made with Daz 3D. I do not normally post NSFW things, but uh, yeah, this is NSFW. ^^;
I recreated a friend of mine in Daz3D. Here's the result. ^^; This took 19 hours to render.
I wanted to paint a cat and one of my friends sent me a picture of hers.

I've wanted to be able to draw cats at this level since 6th grade at least and I am so happy I can.
Done for r/redditgetsdrawn
for a buddy of mine using Krita
I took a break from the commission and whoops my hand slipped.

James showing off his scar in a really sexy way. James no. Down.

I made some alterations to his design :/ decided mech on him wasnt a good idea and his hair was too weird. I like this version more.

Hot damn son

Multiple stocks used as reference! All those shitty sketches are paying off
Labeled mature because naked man...?
6 and half hours, Paint Tool SAI. You can watch the entire process on my livestream www.livestream.com/medarskiart (in the first video it begins around 2 hours
Quickie, 1 hour or so. Not sure if I'll finish it. Was fiddling with Paint Tool SAI.
Basic stand alone for her body.
Working on a full reference for her! :D
Ref - http://i.imgur.com/l3e4Rkg.jpg

Someone wanted their dog drawn so I drew him.
Been battling with this thing for a year now and still not done with it. But well, it's finished enough to be posted so yeah.
Portrait of my own character, some things bug me about it but I shan't be poking it any more.
Refs used:
1 I 2 I 3
4 I 5 I 6
7, I 8 I 9
10 I 11 I 12

(I hope I did the code correct)

Text: All done in GIMP. They meant to be as fast as possible, for practice purpose and to expand my brush-types usage (you know that my fav brush is the default round one, aye?).

Tumblr reblogable compilation with each drawing put in order of making - http://twarda.tumblr.com/post/56084637344/refs-used-1-i-2-3-i-4-5-i-6-7-8-i-9-10-11
One painting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atZXBUoLFY4
my satanist hockey player morgane brind'amour that im not gonna finish up
I don't have a fancy hat.

Art (c) Caliphos

You do not have the right to modify, redistribute, or otherwise use this piece without my express permission.
Cover I did for http://RebuildEmpyrean.com (site is down) (tumblr here http://rebuildempyrean.tumblr.com/)

Unfortunately, some things had happened and the project didn't hold up. It was still fun while it lasted :D
A bust commission for nicobay

A wonderful character called Ecaillor.

From character description: "he verry shy when he meet new femal and hope to find the true love" - I thought that I will picture him in a moment he's going to meet someone new :3

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