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Some gift art for not-fun, this is Kyo from his comic Inhuman, sporting a nice new coat.

While looking through some older comic posts, I noticed that Kyo used to wear a trench coat, so I figured now would be a good time for him to get a new one, and one based on the new winter coats from Star Trek Online. Seemed appropriate to me.

Hope you like it Icarus!

Paint Tool SAI.

Kyo and all things Inhuman are (c) not-fun.
Art is mine.
I wanted to practice icons, but at a larger scale- an image that can be scaled down and still retain its shape.

My first lovely model was my gryphon, Tremain. It took longer than I thought, probably about 5hrs-ish.

I'm hoping to try more of these.
Pokemon Black 2 yo!
This is actually for perspective class! We were to draw figures diminishing with the horizon going through the waist. I also have pictures for the horizon through the ankle, and through the head. I'll upload them later. Don't want to spam.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI4TaMq_kLA
Steps: http://twarda.tumblr.com/post/31749865442/there-we-go-bulbasaur-is-almost-finished-im-not

(Quality of the video isn't the nicest. Windows Movie Maker had a bad day or I screwed something. Be happy you get the video.)

The file is with transparency; I can't choose between white background and transparency, share your thoughts please.

Bulbasaur and Vine Whip. My version of the move, so please no haters.
Yes, it was my aim to give it that shiny, "plastic", look.

Btw, everyone seem to forget that Bulbasaur is partialy Poison type. I would be as cautious as with Charmander's tail flame with this pokemon. You may not wake up one day.

This is a special painting: from time to time Twarda gets pissed off.
So one day I jokingly decided to run a Google search for Top Gear doujinshi. Whilst I have no doubt that it exists because there's literally doujinshi of everything ever, I couldn't find any images, so I decided to make my own fake doujinshi cover.

I'm so sorry you had to look at this.

(Also, James May has toast in his mouth because he was late.)
Something I did completely at random just for the fun of it: Bahamut as a Hekshanian.

The Hekshanian are a race from not-funs comic Inhuman.
Personally, I really like a lot of Icarus aliens from the comic, I just dont know a lot about them so while trying to do some sketches and doodles, I decided to try out drawing Bahamut as one and I went with Hekshanian (which was a good excuse to draw something non-human but still had a human-like face).

In my opinion though, the result was not very good for many different reason, mostly because I think I messed up drawing the overall Hekshanian features. Plus I tried looking for references for different characters, but none of them gave me an idea of how facial hair/fur works for them, which is kind of a feature for Bahamut, being scruffy and all. Also the pose is boring and the facial expression is just blah.

I wanted to finish it somehow though so I just went with inking, I really dont think I would have colored this well so I was a little worried about trying it.

It was fun to play around, but I really think I could have done better.

Will be moved to the scrapbook later.

Paint Tool SAI.

Hekshanian and all things Inhuman are (c) not-fun.
Bahamut and art are mine.
A point commission by chibimkn :)

An orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus ), in a teashop.

The poem reads:

The Mantis puts
The best tea on
The Top Shelf

Done with coloured pencils and ink and on 6.5" by 10" medium tone paper.
This is some gift art to not-fun of Inhuman fame. Because hes awesome.

This is of his character Clockwork, a dragon/armadillo hybrid. The concept really seemed nifty to me, so I wanted to try and give him a try. Problem was that from the references I looked at, it seemed like there were different ways to draw him, so I just tried my best with my own take on him. Hope you dont mind, Icarus.

Still, this was fun, an interesting idea that turned out nice and simple.

Hope you like it Icarus!

Paint Tool SAI.

Clockwork is (c) not-fun.
Art is mine.
Cyril has so many forms wow! He didnt use this one very often in-game, but I like to think that it is kinda creepy, and varies in proportion depending on how far into the transformation he is, etc.

Weh I miss D&D
it's everyones favorite deviljho calling bird wyvern, the QURUPECO!!!
and if he doesn't call the jho, he'll light you on fire with his flints. ~

tried to shade in kuitsuku's style, but I'm horrible at cell shading. /fail
Finally getting in some pokemon trainer art! Ive been craving pokemon junk for a loooong long time so it felt so great to chatter it up with Jag about pokemon trainer ideas! Eee! It really got me in the spirit to doodle up one of my old trainers Zoey Klark aka ZK!

Not sure exactly what is going on feel wise in the picture, maybe something happened and ZK needs time to think, or shes pouting or upset? Not sure. But it always makes her feel better to sit outdoors and watch the pokemon. She especially loves pidgey!
After much toiling yesterday, I managed to finish this late last night and now I'm uploading it before I run to work! Enjoy, everyone!


Rigor and Noir (belong to MortisReptis)
LennieFish's robot (belongs to LennieFish)
Morgan (belongs to Sploof)
Phazon (belongs to Phazon)
Renee (belongs to r3n33gurl01)
Ryx (belongs to Pink-Painter)
Frezgle (belongs to Frezgle)
Gabriel (belongs to Icarus)
Cio (belongs to Bel)
H0n3y and Daisy (belong to H0n3ydoll)
Aelys and Katy (belong to spadiekitchenqueen)
Megan (belongs to Meleni)
Pumin (belongs to Pumin)
Kaye (belongs to BudgieBin)
Vadim (belongs to XxPeekabooxX)
Randy (belongs to Oly)
Victor (belongs to filecreation)
ChazGELF (belongs to Chaz)
this was a project form my creative drawing class.
we were playing with bugs and mixing and matching them into new creatures.
this is my bug thing.
its got mixes of centipied, wasp, spider, and praying mantis.
this was a fun project, at first, i didn't think i'd do very good, but then i ended up really having fun with it.
i decided i like to create monstrous creatures

i also tried to play with some textures, and that was an interesting experience....
mostly, they're so small, you can't really see the texture, but it kinda killed my color....
and also my background is kinda pathetic
but ohwell
Redid The Entity's info sheet because the other one was sucky and didn't fit with the format D< Lots more info on this one too.

I keep getting a mental image of a baby Entity that likes the taste of someone's scream and keeps appearing in front of them to scare them |D
This was more or less a test to see if I could personify cars (i.e. draw gijinka inspired by vehicles).

Originally, I was going to draw makes, not specific models. That ended up changing, though, because as soon as I mentioned the idea in the shoutbox to sound it out with other people I was told that I should start with Oliver the 1963 Opel Kadett. So I did.

Opel is a German company, so I tried to make him look vaguely German (although I took lots of fashion cues for him from the car's human owner, Richard Hammond). Also, the shirt was NotFun's suggestion, since that quote is what James May wrote on Hammond's car during the Botswana Special.

So...yep. I suppose I should continue along with this since it was fun and all that.

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